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Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

VERIDIKAL HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS is a Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services company located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • Veridikal Healthcare Solutions (“Veridikal” or the “Company”) is a company focused on audit and forensic recovery services in the Healthcare Industry, including Federal and State Government, and Pharmacy Business Sectors. Veridikal strategically works with health systems to optimize their integrated pharmacy strategy to improve the patient experience, redesign patient and employee capture rates, and aggressive drive margin improvement with the appropriate business design. Health Systems that have Hospitals, SNF/ALF, Outpatient Network, Employee Health Services, and Ambulatory Pharmacy (Retail, Mail Order, LTC, Infusion, Transfusion, etc.) have an incredible ability to leverage an end-to-end patient flow process that also drives incredible savings in cost, reduce readmission rates, improve patient satisfaction, and drive net revenue back into the organization rather than to out-of-network pharmacy organizations.

    Veridikal provides the management assistance, business analytics tools, and the complete solution for driving this process based on strategic implementation plan. Some of the largest and best-run healthcare organizations in commercial, public health, and government will rely on Veridikal to identify recovery opportunities and help implement process improvement to reduce, eliminate, and prevent future errors. Veridikal is a premier data mining recovery audit firm, reviewing billions in paid pharmacy claims annually. Our professional staff has worked at the front-line of healthcare, and intimately understands the workflow processes, optimization opportunities, and knows how to ensure that the organization runs at peak performance.
  • Consulting, Audit, Recovery, Business Analytics, Margin Improvement
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